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A bit about us and what we do:

We are Alistair and Kerry Wilton, and we supply parts for Yamaha 2 stroke production roadracers made between 1962 and 1982, as a hobby, to to help ensure we have other TZ riders to compete against at Post Classic meetings both in NZ and Australia, though we are happy to send parts anywhere else across the world where they are needed.

We have some idea of what is required to keep TZ's running reliably: we are in the process of rebuilding or regularly using our three TZ750's, two 350,s and two 125's, and have raced or owned many others since 1979.  We are not 'world authorities' on TZ's, though we do know, more or less, what wears out, when to expect it to wear out, what can improve the 'life' of some parts, and in some cases how to improve performance and reliability.
Performance is good.  We like reliability a lot too.  We don't like pushing motorcycles!  You may see photos of some of our machines on this site.

The parts we can supply are imported from various suppliers in England, Japan and the USA and sold at very reasonable prices; little more than enough for us to cover our costs.  In some cases, our parts are cheaper than still-available original items, though in many cases the original parts are no longer available ex-factory.  We accept that some people prefer factory-original items.  For those that are more open-minded, we can provide proven alternatives to original parts at affordable prices.


Picture: Kerry (standing) and Al (squatting) at a race meeting in New Zealand recently.

All visible parts, (e.g. fairing mounts) are made as close to the original Yamaha item's appearance as possible.  All mechanical parts (e.g. con rods) have been proven to perform as well, or better, than original items.  Where
crankshaft parts are concerned, there has never been a failure of these parts, to our knowledge.  In fact, many racers using the same internal parts overseas have found that it is possible to safely extend what was previously considered the maximum life of these components.

Please note that we strongly recommend the crack-testing of all crankshaft and gearbox components every time the bottom-end is apart.  Our recommendation is based on the piles of cracked, 'but it looks OK to me' parts we have seen. It is not expensive and could be a skin or wallet-saver.

Feed your TZ the parts it needs - almost all parts are available for the most common bikes (yes, we know about the 250 piston thing), so use your bike without fear of parts being too hard to find or expensive.  The stock list below is an indication of what we have surplus to our own forecast requirements, for our own bikes.  If you need something for an earlier or later Yamaha (e.g. early powervalve 250), please call or email, as we may well be able to locate it, or put you in touch with someone who can.  The prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).  At the time of writing, one NZD equals approximately $0.88 Australian, and $0.58 US. Packing and shipping, to the buyer's requirements, are extra.

This excercise is strictly a hobby, done to help fellow racers out, as we have noted difficulties in getting good replacement parts for TZ's.

Whilst all care and attention is provided in sourcing the appropriate parts, these are machines being used in extreme circumstances, no guarantee is provided and should be fitted by suitably qualified personnel. 

We are not a business.


Alistair Wilton
Phone: +64 9 575 1637         

Kerry Wilton
+971 4 348 1795 (ph/fax)


Part details

Prices in New Zealand Dollars

Super strong rod kit

195 ea / 390 pr

Lightweight rod kit

145 ea / 290 pr

Little end bearings (incl of rod kit)

incl in above

TZ350 Clutch baskets


TZ 350 Clutch centres


TZ 350 Clutch Cush Drive rubbers


TZ 350 Clutch rivets


TZ 350 Clutch plates


TZ 350 Piston rings


TZ All Kill button


TZ All Kill button bracket


TZ All Silver big end bearings

$115 incl pin

TZ All crankpins

see above

TZ All carb stone guard 34mm

$125 pair

TZ All carb stone guard 38mm

$125 pair

TZ All piston circlips


TZ All Labyrinth


TZ All Labyrinth hubs


TZ 350 Rear brake pedal


TZ 350 cylinder O-rings


TZ 350 Water jacket O-rings


TZ 350G Gudgeon pins


                                                  Note: Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

TZ All Outer main bearings


TZ All Inner Main bearings


TZ All Water pump seals


TZ All Water Pump bearing large


TZ All Water pump bearing small


TZ All Blind plugs


TZ All Shift shaft seal


TZ 250/350 A-E Inlet manifold gaskets


TZ Clutch levers


TZ drum f/brake levers


TZ disc f/brake levers


black caliper seal kits


stainless caliper (750D & 350G) seal kits


Rear m/cyl piston kits


750D & 350G caliper pistons

$115 each

350E pistons 96

$215 each

350g pistons 98

$215 each

                                                  Note: Prices are in New Zealand Dollars

primary cover gaskets 250/350


water pump gaskets 250/350


TD2 front fairing bracket


TD3 front fairing bracket


TZ250/350 CDE front fairing bracket


TZ250/350 F/G front fairing bracket


TZ250/350 steel clutch plates


TZ250/350 G twist grips (for 38's)


TZ folding footrests

$140 each

34mm original style carb bungs/ caps

$25 each

brake pads (1x2 w0045-00)


brake pads (1x2 w0046-00)


ign coils


thumb chokes


thumb choke cable kits


thumb choke carb kits

$85 each

fairing rubber bobins


TZ disc mounting tab washers


TZ350 sprocket nuts


tz350 sprocket tab washers


pairs of clipons

$165 pair

Contact us for more details or to place an order !

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