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Member's Bikes

These are a few shots of TZ Webpage Member's bikes, racing and other interesting old 2 stroke racebike related stuff.  

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See some of Ferry Brouwer's collection of Yamaha racers on display recently at Brno.

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Coeno van Houten recently got his long-term project, a TZ350 B up and running. He is currently trying to decide what colours to paint it.







Allan Kohl's lovely TA125. He has almost finished it's restoration with just the fairing yet to paint.








David Fevrier owns this lovely TZ250 H and races it regularly in France.








Picture: Mark Boddy's latest aquisition: a lovely TZ350F which he hopes to have on the track later this season or maybe next.

( Photo: Mark Boddy)








Adrian Godden gets air at Cadwell



Charles Beijin in the Netherlands completed restoration of  this "Yamaco" last year. This remarkable machine is a combination of a Yamaha motor in a better handling Bultaco frame.









Alistair Wilton and his assistant / wife Pip wait in Pit Lane for the next event. Alistair had a good meeting though at slower lap times than last year due to the pressures of the severe handling problems of his 750 and organising transport for all the New Zealand machines. He qualified 22nd on his 350 and had a best finish of 17th place saying he will be back next year most definately!


Alistair Wilton's TZ750C ready for battle. The bike suffered badly from front end patter in every corner of the circuit at the Island Classic this year and Alistair was unable to continue riding it despite two valiant attempts in the first two events. He and brother Kerry tried all sorts of things including, in desperation, the front wheel out of Kerry's TZ750. Nothing cured the problem and it was simply too dangerous to continue riding the machine.



Ok so it's not a Yamaha!

Pictured is Michel du Maine's RTM.









Michel du Maine's lovely "Maxton" TZ350   



 Michel's TD3 



Tony Clarke on his "A" model 350 in New Zealand.


George Taylor's TD3




Picture: Scott Hulme's TA125.

Does anyone in Australia know any history of this TA125? Scott is very interested in learning about his bike's past. He can be emailed at:



Ian  Munro's TZ750 under construction.

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