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Review:  Accu-Flo Oil pouring spout 


Are you sick of playing around with funnels, trying to get oil to pour into hard to get filler holes, spilling the stuff over your bike and the floor in the process? 

Accu-Products’ “Accu-Flo” is the solution to your problems!



Picture: The Accu-Flo allowing oil to flow from the container into this fork leg. A simple twist of the wrist halts the flow !


It’s been nicknamed the “Smart Spout” for a number of reasons such as:


Click on the thumbnail image to see the Accu-Flo turned over, with a simple twist of the wrist, blocking the flow of oil from the container.

Yet another great product from Rick Merhar’s "202 Racing" in Ohio.


Picture: The Accu-Flo includes a screw cap to prevent the entry of dirt into the container during storage.

Accu-Products is your one-stop motorcycle racing shop, whether you run a 1969 TD2 or a 2002 TZ250.

Accu-Products has and does just about anything and everything you require to have your machine running at it’s absolute peak.

Why not give them a call or email? You won’t be disappointed !!

Call:  1-877-ACCU-MIX

 Review: The “Accu-Mix” Fuel mixing container.

            Someone once said that the simplest ideas are always the best. 202 Racing’s brilliant “Accu-Mix” container proves this to be true and I keep saying to myself:  “Why didn’t I think of this?”

            Pre-mixing two stroke fuel has never been easier, cleaner and more accurate. Throw away those dirt collecting, oil wasting baby milk bottles and other measuring flasks and buy yourself an “Accu-Mix”, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.

            Basically, the container is a standards approved red plastic unit divided into two compartments:

1.                  Compartment “A” for your straight fuel.

2.                   Compartment “B” for your 2 stroke oil.

 All you do is simply fill “A” to the level of fuel you need to mix. This compartment is divided into ten “units” of  0.6 litres each.


As an exercise, I filled mine (refer to the photo) to line number 6, which equates to 3.6 litres.

            Next, choose the fuel/oil ratio you require from the eight common ones embossed on the side of “B” (25:1 in our exercise) and fill this compartment up to line 6 also. Screw both O-ring sealed caps on and shake to mix the fuel. “Mission accomplished”. 3.6 litres of 2 stroke fuel mixed accurately at 25:1.

             As little as 0.6 litres of fuel can be mixed accurately at ratios from 15:1 to 50:1 with the “Accu-Mix”.

            The unit even has fuel and oil marks in standard Metric as well as Imperial measurements should you need to mix up a “special brew” other than the eight provided for on the container.



            User instructions are moulded onto the side of the “Accu-Mix” for those requiring reminding of how to use it but once you’ve done it once, you realise how incredibly simple it is to do.

            I’m impressed, do yourself a favour and buy one of these.

The “Accu-Mix” is available from: 

 “Accu-Products”,   551 Morewood Parkway, Rocky River, OH,  44116, USA.

Phone: (440) 356-1202

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MOTA Version 5.0 2 Stroke Engine Simulation and Tuning software


Are you into 2 strokes and ever wondered what effect a different shaped expansion chamber, or a larger diameter carby, or raising the exhaust port will have on the power output of your engine? A 2 stroke engine simulation and tuning program such as Ian Williams Tuning’s MOTA program may be the answer.


A mate of mine bought MOTA V4.0 a few years back and showed it to me one night, I was blown away, I had to have a copy. So I naturally asked him to copy his for me, like anyone would, only to be told that it can’t be pirated, a special "dongle" needs to be plugged into your printer port to allow the software to function. This is clever thinking on the part of IWT and the university students who helped put the program together and bad news for those looking for a cheap way out. The good news here for you, the 2 stroke fan, is that this program is worth the money IWT asks for it.

What we have here is a comprehensive software package which comes in a box in CD form along with an easy to understand instruction manual and of course, your own specially numbered "dongle". The program won’t run directly off the disk and needs to be installed onto your computor’s hard drive to run, which is a relatively easy task to undertake.

The version 5.0 program will only run in DOS mode and unfortunately is not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers. The new Version 6.0 runs in Windows, click here for an additional review focusing on this new version.

Using MOTA:

A number of values need to be accurately measured and typed into the file creation pages. I cannot stress how important accuracy is at this stage, I spent night after night measuring and re-measuring my TZ250 C motor in order to get acceptable initial power output, prior to modifying anything. My first attempt at measuring yielded just 18bhp !!

Once you have the measuring sorted out the real fun begins. Almost anything you can think of can be altered, timing advance, mixture, compression, variable exhaust port, burn period, port shape, port size, port angle, exhaust shape and size, carby size, reed petal type, reed opening, reed lift, the list goes on. The program will give you a virtual dyno display of your new power and torque outputs, superimposed over the original one if you like, along with dynamic (animated) wave displays, cylinder/exhaust pressure differences and more. It really is great fun and very addictive once you’re into it. I ended up doing 50 or 60 different modification variations to my TZ250 over a month or two, trying different things.

My copy of Version 5.0 is a few years old,  there's been a version 6.0 update, click here for an additional review focusing on this new version.

For a look at the virtual dyno displays check out both the "Performance" and "LC Corner" pages of the TZ350 and 250 Website.

In summary, two stroke software packages are great if you’re like me and never satisfied enough to leave things alone !! They can be a hell of a lot of fun.

MOTA is available direct through Ian Williams Tuning.  ( Click on the name to access their website. )

Ian Williams Tuning are also one of Australia's biggest suppliers of Mikuni carbs and parts.

 MOTA Version 6.0

At last, MOTA for Windows !! Using MOTA is now a lot easier for those of us unfamiliar with the DOS operating system.

For example, constructing a data file is now a far more organised affair than it was with the old v5.0, with the opening window containing clickable buttons to quickly access each group of input options. It's also so much neater and visually appealing than it used to be, sort of like filling out a form, flicking back and forth between "pages". It's great !!

The "Tools" ( dimensioning utilities ) menu is included in the options along the top of the main window and is accessible anytime.

The "Powaplot" menu allows the construction and viewing of virtual dyno power/torque graphs including the overlay facility for comparison with other power graphs. To save the image either use the "Capture" facility of your graphics program or hit the "Alt" + "Printscreen" then open wordpad and paste it.

One thing Ian Williams Tuning should really have included on the box is a warning: "The contents within are highly addictive" !! These type of programs don't come much better than this.

MOTA is available direct through Ian Williams Tuning. ( Click on the name to access their website. )

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