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RD400 racebike by Jean-Marie Lecoeur.

Jean-Marie Lecoeur over in France recently completed his RD400 racer.

 Below are lists of some of the modifications he has done to transform it from a roadbike into racetrack weapon!


Original engine.

Piston: Pro-X

Lubrication: Mix 3% Motul 600

Exhaust pipes: Swarbrick racing (made in Scotland)

Ignition: Original CDI     (timing = 2mm BTDC)

Sparkplugs: NGK B10EGV

Carburetor: Mikuni VM28

Main jet: 320

Pilot jet: 35

Jet needle: 5L1

Needle jet: P2

Air cleaner: Filter type K&N

Others: EGT gauge (ULM Technology)




Picture: Jean-Marie works on the bike in the pits under the watchful eye of his team boss!





Back of the frame shortened to accomodate the saddle of TZ

Front suspension: Fork 350RDLC Type 31 k  brace on spring= 20mm                                                Rigidificator in dural

Rear suspension: Hagon

Brake front:  Disc Yamaha 600FZR

Master cylinder:  Ducati 600 Monster

Caliper cylinder: Brembo P08

Brake rear: Drum 350 RD modified for cable operation and improved ventilation

Wheel front:  Hub 350 RD.    Rim: DID 18 X 1.85

Wheel rear: Rim DID 18 X 2.15

Tyre front: Avon AM20 90/90/18

Tyre rear: Avon AM21 110/90/H18

Saddle fairing tank glass fibre: TZ350D Replica

Throttle grip:  Domino

Clutch lever: 750 Suzuki GSXR


In order to fit the new VM34 carburettors to the RD400 top end Jean-Marie has machined adaptors up to do the job!



He is working on solving a persistent piston failure problem!



Jean Marie made everything himself, except painting, and the re-boring of the cylinders!

Thank you to Jean-Marie Lecoeur for providing the photos and information about his project.

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