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Meadspeed specialise in classic motorcycle spares and replica parts. The quality of their products is simply superb and the range is amazing. .... Check 'em out!

Product Review:

Meadspeed's replica TZ seat foams and instrument mounts.

We need all sorts of parts to complete our TZ restorations, some are still readily available, some are hard to find and expensive to buy, and others still are simply no longer available.

Meadspeed has once a gain come to the rescue with replica seat foams for 1981 to 1985 H-N model TZ250s and instrument mounts for the same 250s that also suit the 1980 TZ500G.

The foam instrument mount is the similar to the previous version sold by Meadspeed, but this time around it has a much improved finish. Price: 18.00

    (Please click on the images for a full-size view.)

These quality products are exact replications of the OEM Yamaha parts, being precision cut from specially sourced, top shelf foams.

   The TZ250/350 F/G tacho/instrument panel is constructed of a special rigid black plastic that replicates the OEM unit perfectly. Price: 20.00




The handy self-adhesive seat foam retails for 15.00



For more details on how to purchase these and all the other top-quality Meadspeed products please contact Meadspeed direct by phone or email.

Product Review:

Meadspeed's replica TZ clutch cover.

I've lost count of the number of times guys have emailed asking if I knew where they could get hold of a TZ clutch cover. If they aren't emailing then they are posting requests in discussion forums. I have always told them it is pretty much a lost cause as the covers are near impossible to find in good condition. This is the reason why one sees so many rough looking, home-made items in the pits at Post Classic race meetings and even bikes running with no clutch cover at all.

Well now there's no need to run that old TZ without a clutch cover or put up with a horrible looking home-made job. Meadspeed have released brand new high pressure vacuum injected resin replica covers, and what a perfect match for the original they are! Their look would certainly satisfy even the most pedantic restorer.


Picture: TZ250 / 350 F/G clutch cover.

OEM or replica? It's impossible to tell appearance wise with Meadspeed's new high density black resin covers.                                              






The new covers are considerably lighter than the OEM parts, which are no longer available from Yamaha anyway, and even retain the cast metal texture of the original item as well as the "MAGNESIUM" embossed to their outside!

The beauty of running these is that being a little flexible they are far less inclined to break in a crash situation, which was always a real problem with the old magnesium originals. Those owners with just one good original cover can run one of these at the races rather than risking breaking their good one!

No problems fitting it to the bike either since the bolt holes line up perfectly, the cover fits easily in seconds.

Meadspeed have the TZ250/350 F/G  (part number 3G2-15416-00) covers pictured in stock for immediate dispatch at just 24.00. Freight cost is very cheap because the covers are so incredibly light.

Meadspeed also have clutch covers available for:

As well as generator covers, sprocket covers, waterpump impeller shaft assemblies,

The range of products on offer to the owners of early Yamaha roadracers at Meadspeed has to be seen to be believed! Why not visit their website and check it all out for yourself!


Barry from Meadspeed recently sent these shots and the following information in about a radical fairing design of his from the 70s:

He wrote:

"I have attached some pictures taken at the 1978 Isle of Man TT Races showing our 350TZ with a very different styling for the fairing and seat. We followed all the ACU rules which said that the fairing had to allow the riders legs to be seen. The fairing and seat could not extend beyond the front and rear wheel spindles.

The bottom of the fairing was fitted with Dzus fasteners which allowed either side of the fairing to be removed. A you can see we managed to get a completely different looking bike. My thinking at the time was that if the 50 & 80cc racers were looking for more speed by making their bikes more aerodynamic then this was the way to go with the TZ250s & 350s. I think I was right because over the following few years the 500cc bike went in this direction as did all; the other GP classes.
One of our customers said that at the Belgium GP at Spa with it's fast corners and long straights this fairing made 500 revs difference. In top gear that was a lot of speed.

The following year we modified the fairing and seat as you can see from the bike with No.4 on it. The bottom of the fairing was modified to have a point behind the front wheel and the bottom was made in one piece.
Unfortunately neither of these fairings sold very well. Most people kept to the original styling and weren't brave enough to try them out. After keeping the mould for several years with little use, they were thrown away.
I think that at the time the styling was too radical for the clubman and national riders. If a top class rider had been winning with them then maybe they would have taken off. Perhaps someone, somewhere, still has an old fairing that we could make a new mould from. Who knows! I think I'll pass this on the TZ owners Club in UK to see if anyone here has one or remembers it.
My conclusion - I liked it! "

Thanks Barry !

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