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The Bikers’ Classics Spa-Francorchamps 1,2 & 3 July, 2005 ............DVD Review.

Earlier this year a major classic motorcycle parade meeting was held for the third year in a row in Belgium, at the famous Spa circuit, involving as many as 500 enthusiasts and their machines. These lucky guys and girls were able to give their bikes a run in the company of such greats as Giacomo Agostini, Phil Read, Jim Redman and many more famous names from yester-year.

Rather than leave it to be just a memory of those people lucky enough to attend the organizers ( commissioned a video/DVD to be made to celebrate the event and allow those of us unable to attend to at least get some of the feeling associated with actually being there. The DVD is a very professionally prepared one with great footage of many of the bikes, both still and in motion, including some quite famous race machines such as MV Agusta, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki factory racers as well as all the other “smaller” brands.

Add to this some very interesting interviews with such names as Ago, Umberto Masetti, Luigi Taveri, Jim Redman, Christian Sarron, Kent Andersson, Jan de Vries, Eric Saul etc. and what we have here is a remarkable account of what went on at this famous venue both in the past and the present.

The subtitles vary from English, to Italian and French depending on who is being interviewed and ensure that the viewer can hear or read what the rider is saying no matter which of those three languages he is speaking. Excellent.

 The sounds of some of these famous bikes need to be heard at a nice, strong volume so don’t be afraid to turn it up when you are watching! Those multi-cylinder Hondas and MV Agustas are music to any enthusiast’s ears and likewise the crackling of the TZ’s is almost mesmerizing to those of us “TZHeads”.

 The DVD is no doubt best viewed in widescreen format on a large TV but remember, if you have a smaller TV (like I do) use your DVD’s “Setup” mode to adjust the view accordingly, otherwise you will have the subtitles cropped at each end and be unable to read them all.

 From a “TZHead’s” point of view there are a lot of interesting old factory and production Yamaha racebikes and their owners in attendance including Ferry Brouwer and his famous collection of factory, replica and production racers which never fails to impress. The TD, TR, TA and TZ’s are often to be seen both in the pits and lapping the circuit, some a lot faster than others!

 The DVD is divided into three sections:

1.      Film.           (The riders, interviews, other footage.)

2.      Runs.          (Footage of the bikes lapping the circuit from a number of different points           around the picturesque setting.)

3.      Ago.           (On-bike camera action with Ago as he completes a lap of the track on an MV Agusta).

 One downside of the meeting was the weather, which was unfortunately wet for most of the weekend, but this didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of the riders and spectators, all of whom appear to have had a ball!

 The next Bikers’ Classic meeting is scheduled to be run on 30th June and 1st/2nd July 2006. Don’t miss it, but if you do let’s hope the organizers once again have a DVD made of the prodigious event.


From the organizers, …..

A DVD to re-live the great moments of Bikers Classics 2005

A magnificent setting, a mythical circuit, classic historic motorcycles and all accompanied by the legendary Agostini. All this can be found within the menu of the third edition of the Bikers Classics now available on a fantastic DVD for the cost of €20

Bound to the world of historic motorcycles, the Bikers Classics once again finds itself at Spa Francorchamps re-living the competition of the past 50 years of motorcycle racing.

This DVD has been made to capture the sights and sounds of this amazing event.

A compilation of the weekends proceedings complete with star guest interviews and amazing footage of the whole event, including a complete lap of this most beautiful and demanding circuit with multiple world champion, 155 times a Grand Prix winner, Giacomo Agostini.

Whether you have visited this fantastic event or not, you will still want to be able to re visit these unforgettable moments for the sight and sounds of motorcycle history.

Selling price: 20 € + post and packing.

Information and order on

or by Tel: +32 87 53 90 10 or by Fax: +32 87 53 90 01

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