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Below is a list of people who have contributed to this website in one way or another. The list has only recently been put together, so there are bound to be names accidently left off . For this we apologise.

If you have contributed to the TZ350 and 250 Website and would like to be included in this list, please  Email the Webmaster      with details and we'll stick your name in there with the rest. We receive a lot of emails every day and it's very easy to forget to add a name to this list when certainly deserves to be here.

We want this list to be complete to show our appreciation to the people listed on it, without you guys this website would be pretty small !

Thank you.






Mick Abbey

Lyn Garland

Katuki Nakagawa

Paul Allender

Fred Gele

Scott Newlin

  Bernard Gilabert  

Nikola Antelj

Dave Gilbert

Neels van Niekerk  



Alain Noirhomme

Carl Askew

Adrian Godden

Richard Nowson

Bob Barton

Roger Gowenlock




Jouko Pajunen

Scott Bennett

Willy Hardin


Charles Beijen Mike Harding  

Alain Berthet

Eric Hayes

Jeff Pearce

Ludy E. Beumer

Kake Heikkinen

Chris Pearson

Rusty Bigley

Brad Heiter

Jim Perry

Mark Boddy

Chip Hellie

Mike Pfaff


Nick Hellings

David Pilborough

John Both

Shannon Hollibone

Terry Price

Eric Bolland

Terry Hill


Eric Bourne

Don Henry

Dario Pristosek

Ferry Brouwer

Volker Hinsen


Jeff Brown


Norm Randall

Lech Budniak

Peter Hinton

Dave Raybon

Rob Bunyan

Rob Hinton


Rick Butler

Bruce Hodsdon

John Rettig


Coeno van Houten


Paul Cabot

John Hulme

Philippe Roche

Ken Campbell

Chris Hudson

Paul Rostic

Kevin Cameron

Scott Hulme

Pascal Rouan
Les Campey Steve Jackson  
    Mike Sherman
  Mats Karlsson Jerry Sievers
Frank Camillieri Lynton Keck

John Simms

Fred Caster

Barry Kennaugh

Tony Skinner

Alan Cathcart

Lance Kern

Jerry Smith

Marcus de Caux

Tim Keyes

John Stein

Ron Chinoy

Gary Koh

John Storrie

James Clarke


Mike Stuhler

Tony Clarke

Tapani Laiho Kurt Swenson
Roy Clegg    
Chuck Cochrane

Graham (Chuck) Lampard


Neil Collins

Tim Lancaster

George Taylor

    Peter Tibbits

Paul Collins

Gary Landeen

Klaas Tjassens

Ernst Cornehl

Greg Lawn

Alan Towers


Marcus de Caux

John Lawson

Richard Tracy

Jim Downs

Jay Lazarus

Roscoe Travis


Martin Legg

John Valster

  Geoff Leather Fedor Vandepol

Tony Edwards

Mark Legg

Jack Veach

Jon Ekerold

Martin Longden


Kevin Endacott

Carmen Lynaugh

Tom Ward

Ed Erlenbach


Rik Wesselius

Gareth Evans

“Old Mac” in Berkeley Oz

Joris van de Wiele


Michel du Maine

Paul Wilcox

George Farlow

Rob Martin

Ian Williams

Tony Foale

Pierre Mazaloubeaux

Phil Williams

Brian Fosh

Gerry McNutt

John Williams

Luc Fosse

Bill Meerman

Alistair Wilton

Derek Fraser

Rick Merhar

Kerry Wilton

Dave Frith

Bill Milburn

Malcolm Wilton


Jeff Miller



Peter Mossong



Ian Munro















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