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  Yamaha Production 2 stroke roadracer magazine articles.

Below is a list of around 100 magazine articles that have been printed over the years for the old Yamahas this website deals with. Please note; some listings are incomplete and will hopefully be improved in time.

Please also note that it is not a list of magazine articles available for download or sale, it is simply a list of the ones you might like to look out for to try and track down yourself.

Do you know of any more that aren't listed here? Please Email the Webmaster  and they can be added here for everyone's good.

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YDS and TD1 series

YDS and TD1 Series    
YDS1-R 1959 Two Wheels  May-81 5
  Australian Motorcycle News  (week ending…) Mar-80 1
YDS2-R 1960      
TD1 1961 Classic Bike Sep-91 4
  Cycle World test with YDS-2 roadbike Jan-63 6
  Cycle "A Personal Remembrance" Jul-84 3
TD1-A 1962 Classic Racer May-05 6
TD1-B 1964 Cycle Guide (study of motor) Aug-67 4
  Cycle World  Mar-65 2
  Cycle World versus Manx Norton Oct-97 5
  Cycle World Test by Gordon Jennings Jun-65 5
  CycleSport retrospective test Jul-85 3
1966 Motorrad feature (in German). Oct-66 1
  Sport Cycle feature Summer-66 3
TD1-C 1967 Motorcycle Enthusiast Dec-87 3
  Classic Bike (versus MV and Benelli) Jan-00 3
  Roadracer magazine TD1-C / RD56 Hybrid Oct-88 4
  M/C Mechanics TD1-C vs YDS5 roadbike Mar-69 3

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TD2 and TD3/TA250

TD2 and 3 Series      
TD2 1969 Motorcycle News retrospective look. 1973 3
  Motorcycle News test. 1969 4
  Motorcycle News test. Gould bike. 1969 2
  Motorcycle News ride experience. Dec-69 1
TD2-B 1971 Roadracer comparison with TZ250W 1990? 4
TD3 / TA250 1972 Moto Revue (French feature includes TD3) 1972 5
  Two Wheels (Australia) TD2/3 development Apr-72 6

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TR2 and TR3

TR2 and 3 Series      
TR2 1969 Motorcycle News preview with TD2. 1968 1
  Bill Ivy TR2 test Motorcyclist magazine 1971 2
  Italian retrospective   11
  Yamaha Sport Cycle TD2/TR2 race results  1970 4
  Motorcycle Mechanics ride impressions Feb-70 3
  Classic racer test with TZ350A Summer 96 4
TR2-B 1971 Motorcycle World feature with TD2-B Aug-71 4
  M/C Mechanics TR2-B Oct-80 2
TR3 1972 Motorcycle Sport Dec-72 5
  Motorcycle Sport Feb-74 3
  MotoRevue French ? 1972 5
  Don Emde's TR3 Daytona winner * 4
  Two Wheels (Australia) TR2/3 development Apr-72 6

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TA125 and TZ125

TA and TZ125 Series    
TA125 1974 Cycle World basket case to winner article Sep-79 1
  Cycle World article including running costs Mar-74 6
TZ125 G 1980 Modern Cycle (Preview) Dec-79 1
TZ125 H 1981      
TZ125 J 1982      
AS2 1973 Cycle Guide (Roadracer conversion) Oct-69 3

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TZ250 A 1973 Motorcycle World TZ250A, TZ750A Jun-74 6
TZ250 B 1975      
TZ250 C 1976 Motorrad (German preview / test) May-76 5
TZ250 D 1977 M/C News preview 1977 1
TZ250 E 1978 Motorrad (German preview / test with TZ350) Jun-78 2
TZ250 F 1979 Moto Journal (French) Preview   1
TZ250 G 1980      
TZ250 H 1981 Motorrad (German comparo with RZ250) Nov-83 4
  Cycle World comparo with Armstrong Rotax Aug-82 6
  Cycle "Evolution of Yamaha's TZ250" Oct-81  
  Motor (Dutch) feature Dec-80 1
  Motor (Dutch) test Feb-81 4
TZ250 J 1982 Motorrad (German feature) Aug-82 ?
1982 Formula Two at Daytona / TZ250 Cycle magazine Jun-82 2
TZ250 running costs Motorcycle Racing Nov-78 3
250 racer    Cycle history of the Yamaha 250 roadracer Aug-74 10
TZ250 2000 Sport Rider Rich Oliver's 2000 model TZ250 Feb-02 4
TZ250 L 1984 Cycle Guide Riding Impression Jul-84 2
  Motojournal Nov-84  
TZ250M 1985 Cycle News analysis Sep-85 2
TZ250 U 1988 Cycle  Technical Analysis Aug-88 8
  AMCN Test Jun-88 4
  American Roadracing feature Mar-88 2
  Kocinski bike test Cycle World Jan-89 4
TZ250B 1991 Cycle analysis May-91 7
  Motorcyclist full test May-91 6
TZ250D 1992 Factory kitted racers test M/C International Feb-93 6
  Yamaha Racing news study of '92 TZ250 Aug-92 1
TZ250 2000 Rich Oliver's bike USA (Canadian bike mag) Feb-02 4
TZ250E 1993 Cycle World preview Jan-93 1

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TZ350 A 1973 Cycle  May-73 4
  Cycle  Jul-73  
  Motorrad (German test) Nov-73 2
  Motorcycle Mechanics Mick Grant TZ350 Nov-73 2
  Classic Racer track test with TR2 1996 4
  Cycle World Preview Sep-72 2
  Road and Race (1st issue) 1974? 5
  Motorcyclist Feature 1973 4
TZ350 B 1975      
TZ350 C 1976 Race test with TZ250 Motorcyclist Illustrated Oct-76 4
TZ350 D 1977      
TZ350 E 1978 Motorrad (German preview / test with TZ250) Jun-78 2
TZ350 F 1979 Motorrad (German feature) Feb-79 3
1979 Motorrad (German feature) Mar-79 ?
  Moto Journal (French) Preview   1
  Moto '73 (Dutch) Preview   2
  Motor (Dutch) feature Jan-79 4
TZ350 G 1980 Motorrad (German comparo with RD350) Mar-81 5
TZ350 H 1981      
TZ350 racer   Classic M/C Mechs TZ preparation - part 1. Feb-01 6
  Classic M/C Mechs TZ preparation - part 2. Mar-01 3
  Classic M/C Mechs TZ preparation - part 3. Apr-01 3
  Classic M/C Mechs TZ preparation - part 4. May-01 4
  Roadracer magazine. Second-hand Racer: TZ350 by Des Senior Mar-89  
TZ350 roadbike Mechanics and the Biker Jun-83 2
  Bike May-77 3

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TZ500 G 1980 Motorrad (German Test) Mar-80 4
1981 Motorrad (German analysis) 81 review ?
  Cycle Technical Analysis Dec-80 12
TZ500 H 1981      
TZ500 J 1982      

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TZ750 Series      
TZ750 A 1974 Cycle test Jan-74 10
TZ750 B 1975 Motorevue Dec-75 6
  Flattracker test Classic Bike Apr-98 5
  MC Illustrated TZ750 test Dec-75 4
TZ750 C 1976      
TZ750 1976 M/C Mechanics TZ750 Engine Analysis Apr-76 3
TZ750 D 1977 Cycle World (Street Legal TZ750) Mar-01 2
  Motorcycle Racing (Study) May-77 3
  Motorcycle News preview Dec 75? 4
  Cycle Guide retrospect Sep-87 3
  Autosport ride comparison with RG500 Sep-79 2
TZ750 E 1978 Cycle guide Klinzmann bike test Apr-79 4
  Two Wheels Bathurst TZ750E Special Apr-00 3
TZ750 F 1979 Motorrad (German Frutschi 750 test) Feb-89 2
  M/C Mechanics 130 bhp K.Huewen TZ750 F Jun-80 2
  Aust MC News Flood TZ750 special Jan-86 2
TZ750 history Classic M/C Mechanics Nov-00 5
  Classic Racer "Ultimate Missile" restrospect Apr-97 2
TZ750 ride experience Classic M/C Mechanics Sep-01 2
TZ750 roadbike Cycle (Street Legal TZ750) Dec-78 6
TZ750 roadbike Superbike Sep-81 6
TZ750 roadbike Sport Rider Dec-96 6
TZ750 roadbike Cycle Canada ex-Miles Baldwin TZ750  May-85 1
TZ750 Sonauto Japanese Classics Jul-92 5
TZ750 Sonauto Old Bike Journal OW31 feature Nov-96 5
TZ750 Schlachter Superbike Jul-84 4
TZ750 Askland Motorrad (German test) May-79 4
  Motorrad (German feature) Oct-79 ?
Champion framed TZ750 Cycle World (TZ750 Miler) Jan-76  
  Classic Bike Apr-98 5
TZ750 test   Cycle Guide comparo with roadbikes Apr-86 10
TZ750 History Fast Classics "Chariot of the Gods" Jul-96 7
  Cycle World TZ Papers Apr-03 6
TZ750   Classic Racer TZ750 restoration May-06 6


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General TZ information.

TZ and factory racers in general    
TZ history   Classic M/C Mechanics Oct-03 4
TD / TR history Two Wheels Apr-72 6
Ekerold TZ350 Motorrad feature of Bimota 350 May-81 4
TZ250 78/89/98 Cycle Canada comparison Feb-01 5
Yamaha 500 history Classic M/C Mechanics Sep-02 5
OW31   MotoRevue Feature Jan-78 9
Roberts OW48 Cycle World (Restoration and history) Apr-99 8
TZ range   Motrrad (preview of range) Dec-75 1
Formula 750 Motorrad (German Cecotto OW31 photos) Apr-76 3
Yapol TZ250 C Motorrad (German feature) Jul-76 2
Egli TZ250 C Motorrad (German feature) Jul-76 2
Pre-prod TD2 TR2 Motorcycle News Gould / Andersson bikes 1968 2
TR1   Motorcycle News preview 1967 1
  Cycle World feature Jun-67 3
OW15  125cc Oldtimer Markt (German) Kent Andersson Aug-04 6
OW81 1985 Cycle analysis Oct-85 5

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PLEASE !! If you know of any other articles relating to these bikes let us know so that we can add them to this list !!   Email the Webmaster

Note: Those indicated with no date of issue are unidentifiable, loose clippings obtained over the past few years or articles known of but not in our posession.

We recommend you confirm the article you are after is actually contained within any magazine you are considering buying with the seller before parting with your money.

No responsibility is taken for any mistakes which may or may not exist in the above list.

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