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Mystery aftermarket frames and other chassis components.

A section dedicated to all those frames, swingarms, forks, wheels a rear shocks that the owners can't identify.

 Please note; this section is limited to components that suit Yamaha TD, TR, TA or TZ production roadracers only.

Well known collector Chris Wilson emailed us recently with the following request:

"I have come across a Nickel plated TZ750 monoshock frame, (it may have not been like this originally) which is not a Nikko Bakker and I believe was the property of Steve Mclauchlan at one time. The most
unusual feature is that the swinging arm pivot is bolted in rather than welded. Do you have any clues as to its identity?"


Does anyone have any clues to the bike's identity?

If so then please Email the Webmaster  .



Brian Robson in England recently bought a van load of TZ parts. Amongst the stuff was this nickel plated TZ frame. He has had suggestions that it might possibly be a "Penfold" or "Pinfold" frame, or maybe even a Hagon but no-one seems 100% sure what it is.

Brian says the frame has a serial number: "PF002" stamped on the steering head.

Can anyone recognise the style for sure?

If so, please email Brian at:


Stop Press: It appears as though Brian's mystery may have been solved! Tim Lee says the bike was built by Tony Head to go GP racing and believes that he achieved a fourth at Silverstone on it though he's unsure of the year and is checking into that. The frame was fabricated by a guy called Paul Pinfold in Coventry. Paul used to work for Rob North and was an accomplished grass-track sidecar racer..

David Armstrong emailed: "Paul also raced sidecar speedway in UK and Oz, very quick, very successful. Made some very good chassis. Last recollection of him was in early 90's when he headed back to Oz due to weather being better for a career's worth of injuries. Last heard he was racing cars."


Martin Schnitler sent this shot of a new mystery frame. It is what he believes may be a "Puma" frame from the early 80's, somehow possibly related to MotoMartin.

This particular frame doesn't appear to be a Yamaha (or even roadracing) focused item but we have made an exception to the usual this time around and included what may well be a dirt bike frame!

Puma started out making grasstrack sidecar frames, with Gordon Matthews and Brian Ash pooling their skills. Later Gordon left and it appears that Brian may have continued making solo frames. These days Puma are out of frames but very active with specialist engine manufacture for fuel drag bikes.

Thanks to Martin Schnitler, David Armstrong and Tony Braddon for their information.





Scotty Hulme in Australia has this little YZ80 based roadracer with a frame of un-known origin.

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