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The internet is full of websites focusing on motorbikes, some are good and others not so good. This is a collection of a few of the better ones found by "Members".

Have you found any others? Why not share them with other like-minded TZ owners?  Email the Webmasterwith the URL's (web addresses).

The few businesses listed are there because they have assisted this website in some notable way. We won't be including any more companies in this list though we may make an exception if they are willing to submit something for review or provide some special information which is of use to TZ owners, (not a list of their services or products.)

Enjoy !! ( Make sure you come back here though !! )

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When Klaus Kirch found this ex-Anton Mang TZ350 C it was nothing more than a bunch of TZ parts.

Within a short time he had restored it to this amazing condition !

1.      Free Parts Lists and other TZ stuff.

Before you go and pay for a copy of a parts list or whatever check these free ones !  Yamaha Motors homepage, heaps of different ones here for free. (Go to "Online Parts Catalogue", then start with "Catalogues" box at top of page.) Another Yamaha parts link. This one to exploded diagrams.  TZ125 and 250G, TZ250H and J parts lists free. (Use the little white "Select" boxes in order, starting from "Step 1".)  TZ750D  parts list and Owners Service manual here for free. This is another good one, Randy changes stuff  here sometimes, you never know what you'll find !    This is an early TD1-B parts manual. (Thanks Jim.)   1997 and 1998 TZ125 Parts lists.  Mike Lachance has a number of later model TZ parts lists linked to his discussion forum for members to access. A great reason to join up!  A bunch of parts lists and manuals here for various bikes.  Free on-line TZ350 parts lists.

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2.     TZ Information Websites:  Ferry Brouwer's collection of Yamaha factory GP machines and replicas has the full support of Yamaha Japan. The team includes former GP stars and World Champions. Amazing stuff. Check it out! ... Erlenbach Racing Site. Good technical stuff here. ... Joining this club is very worthwhile. The newsletter is excellent.

TZ Rewinds. As far as everyone knows Brian Fosh doesn't rebuild TZ ignitions anymore. Still, his old website has some great information even if the images are sometimes hard to get up on your screen! (Keep trying). .. This is the "sister" website that got me going, We found this and thought " why hasn't anyone done this for the piston port TZ's?"  Tony's really done a great job with this and though it is really for the modern TZ250 rider, it is still well worth a look and a bookmark by us "older" owners. ..  Mike Lachance's excellent, all round TZ 250 site. Extensive message board forums list (and a lot of registered users), resources, books and videos list, photo gallery, etc. More for the modern TZ250 owner, though still encompassing to a lesser degree, the older piston port models. Well worth visiting. ..... Katuki Nakagawa's bike website. It's in Japanese, but it's worth checking out because he has some interesting shots of old bikes there.    TZ500 specs in Japanese from Noda Kenichi, who is a 70's roadrace enthusiast.    If you are into the predecessors of the TZ racers, namely the TD range of the sixties, there is no better website to visit than that of South Australian Neil Collins. He buys and sells the bikes and has a discussion forum set up within the website as well.    Daniel Nguyen's great new website for French TZ enthusiasts. He has included English and German language options so check it out !  Richard Tracy in England is an early Yamaha racer enthusiast who has restored among other things a TD1 and a YDS1-R. His website has progressive photos and lots of interesting info. A very helpful guy as well. Bob Willis was a successful British racer in the late sixties/early seventies. He and his wife now live in Australia and run a few late model TZs with guest riders aboard. Bob's website has some good tips for those of us running later model TZs.

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3.      General Racing Organisations and track information:    Former GP racer Eric Saul runs a very popular series of classic races for old TZs, TRs, TDs and TAs in and around France. Click on the link to view their race calendar.    Are you considering doing the Manx Grand Prix or TT on the Isle of Man for the first time? Paul Collins and Russ Henley have put together this website for you !!  ... Chris Thackeray's Isle of Man 1982 video archives. The type of thing we've been wanting to link to the website for quite a while. Finally got one !!. ... MotorcycleUSA, Great all round site with some good photos. - light reading.  ..  50cc Moped racing site in England ... Australia's largest Post Classic Racing club. In fact one of the largest motorcycle racing clubs in the country! ... Documents  the efforts of  the Burge brothers in UK Post Classic Racing with their Hossack framed TTF2 350LC Yamaha. (74bhp at the rear wheel).  .....  "Motorcycling Australia", the motorcycle racing authority here in Oz. ...  A great, safe track here in Oz. It's short, but there's nothing to hit except grass.    Preston and district Motorcycle Club. ..  Classic Racing Motorcycle Club of England. .....  England's New Era Racing Club.  ..... An informative Danish Motorcycle Racing website. Includes a PDF copy of the general competition rules for Denmark. ..... The official Isle of Man TT website. Heaps of data and relating links here. ..... The official Manx Grand Prix website. They race old TZs at this event. The very popular Forgotten Racing Club in England caters for old and new TZs (up to 1995) as well as many other brands of race bike.

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4.      General Motorcycling links:    Links to motorcycle racing related websites.     Excellent Aussie bike news site including currently (July 2003) a 24 page study of the YZR500 factory racer series. Absolutely brilliant !!  ... "Motorcycle Hall of Fame" Museum . You should see the stuff they have in this place !!  .... German bike site with an excellent array of links.  Classic Motorcycling Australia located in Victoria, Australia is a non-profit organisation, designed in keeping Classic Motorcycling road racing alive and well in Australia.  ... Ryan Perry's brand new website for the "tiddlers", ie. the 125cc and under two stroke twin cylinder Yamahas.   Some great old motorcycle related links here. Well worth checking out.  Ludy Beumer has been actively involved in the world of classic Yamahas for many many years. He recently retired from Yamaha Europe and has set up this fantastic new website all about vintage two stroke Yamaha roadbikes and racebikes. It even has it's own discussion forum. THIS website definately needs checking out! is a website that might be able to help you find a bike, car, boat or almost any vehicle you used to own and sold some time ago.

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5.      Miscellaneous Bike racing related links: ... Rik has some really cool stuff on his site, check it out.     Japanese site with photos of famous Grand Prix racebikes from the "big four". ... Kake Heikinen's Retro Auto Moto site with some excellent photos from the past, catalogued by each year. Highly recommended. ... Michelle Duff was once a factory Yamaha racer, in another lifetime so to speak. This is her website, check it out. ... Henk van Melzen's site dedicated to the "Flying Finn". - lots of stuff and knowledge.  Former early 70's GP rider - did pretty well too. ... Andy Mahon's Classic Racing Site. Good TZ stuff here. ... Ko van der Schaaf's racebike site. ( In Dutch ) ....  Bodo Siegert is a TZ enthusiast who has bikes and stuff to sell here.  Vintage 50cc racer site. The owner, Martijn Stehouwer, has been quite helpful to Dutch TZ owners in finding alternative parts for their bikes like ignitions, pistons, conrod kits etc. Worth a look !    Charles Beijen has a "Yamaco" racer which is basically a TD1B motor in a Bultaco frame. This was a popular combination in the sixties before Yamaha sorted out the handling of their production racers. The website is under construction but worth a look !   Cor Snoek collects motorcycle racing programs and swaps them with people.    Some excellent shots of old Yamaha racers here!  is Andy Abrams' new website which is dedicated to both the specialised racers and converted roadbikes that were raced in the 250/350  class in the 60's and 70's including Yamaha 2 stroke twins. Well worth a look. You might even find a bike you'd like to buy! and  A great looking Italian website dedicated to the ever-popular Renzo Pasolini who was tragically killed in the same accident in which Jarno Saarinen lost his life at Monza in 1973.  Gert de Weerd has a great bike racing website. Ok, so most of the text is in Dutch, but it's easy to navigate around (even for us non-Dutch speaking guys) and check out all the great photos. Check it out! Jim Heath's TZ350 flat-tracker webpage. They weren't all running on the black stuff all their lives!

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6.      Racing related suppliers who have helped this website in one way or another:

Rex's Speed Shop The range of electrics these guys supply is amazing! They even manufacture their own (high performance) specialised CDI units to fit TZs, TRs, TDs, etc. The owners, Marcus and Kate Rex are very friendly and approachable people who certainly know their vintage Yamaha ignitions.... very well. International transactions are a breeze. Highly recommended! If ever there was a "dream" TZ product and service supplier then Rick Merhar's Accu-Products (202 Racing) is it. From the brilliant Accu-mix and Accu-Flo (check the "Reviews" page of this website) to crank rebuilds, cylinder re-lining, parts supply, Rick and his team have it all!    Paul Allender makes individual cylinders and heads for old TZ's, these things are a work of art! He is also tooling up to manufacture Hoekle style crank webs! Paul also owns and races a rare "Scitsu" triple cylinder 500. This is his website. (It's under construction at the moment, but still worth a look.) ....Tony Foale has been one of the most respected chassis designers and constructors in the world for years. He also wrote the brilliant book: "Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design" which has been reviewed in our own "Reviews" section.    is a web design firm who specialise (amongst other things) in motorcycle related websites. If any of the readers want professionally designed web site at really good prices for their business or home or hobby or club these guys are the people to speak to. .... Restoring an old TZ? You need to check this one out. Barry and his team have a huge range of reproduction parts. ...... Martijn Stehouwer supplies spares for old Yamaha roadracers through "Emot Racing". They have a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices including ignitions, pistons, crank parts, etc. etc. Certainly well worth checking them out! Murray de Lacey provides service, parts and accessories for Post Classic racers in New Zealand. A real nice guy by all accounts. Vince Cundle and the team at Fondseca have a wide range of new and used TD/TR/TA/TZ parts for sale. They are happy to ship overseas and their prices seem very reasonable. Check them out!  Kiwi's (and Aussies!):  TZ and other race bike engineering needs.

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7.      Educational Websites:  Gordon Jenning's 2 stroke tuning book has been out of print for some time. Here is an on-line copy in PDF format to download. .. Rex is a good source of ignition info. ... Wow !! What more can be said about this site? 2 stroke technical info heaven. Not updated very often though. - huge range of links- you choose - you can spend all night with this one!

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8.         Discussion Forums:  A great little Yahoo! discussion forum Check it out!    For motorcycle racers in the South Pacific belt. (Australia, New Zealand etc.)

(There are other discussion forums in amongst the RD and LC links below.)

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9.      RD and LC Websites:  .... Alek's RD Forum. Great Discussion forum here. ... Good, interesting Yamaha RD and LC type site ... The URL says it all ...  Ron Chinoy's great RD and LC website and discussion forum. He drag-races!! ... A good 2 stroke bulletin board. ....Abhi's new website dedicated to air cooled, Indian made RD's. Check it out.   is said to be the largest RD / RZ / TZ related internet club in Europe. It is a Dutch website but still contains some interesting stuff for non-Dutch reading enthusiasts. Worth clicking on for sure !  .... Good German RD website with some interesting features.  Dave Woodward is an LC racer in the Old Dart. This is his personal website. Check it out.    Fred Caster's excellent RD/RZ500 website. He has some great photos of TZ's and things posted which often come directly from Japanese displays!   John Pauwels built a TZ looking RZ. Nice bike. Have a look!

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10. Other brands.  Randy Norian has a wealth of information on Suzuki's RG500.   


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